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Welcome to the Boise River Volunteers

Many people think that trash on the Boise river comes entirely from litter bugs. There are many sources of trash and litter that makes it's way to the river banks and eventually to the river bed. Sometimes garbage is blown by the wind, resulting in the garbage winding up in the river drainage area or from trucks hauling debris which either blows off or falls out onto the street then into the storm drains. This litter not only becomes an eye sore but also creates an unsafe environment to the fish and recreationalists floating or fishing on the Boise River. The Boise River Volunteers cleans the river on a regular basis removing these debris while keeping the Boise Greenbelt and River safe and clean.

A Rewarding ExperienceBecome a Boise River Volunteer

Each summer we help stranded Boise River floaters by providing raft patches, air pumps, and a secondary method to get off the river when necessary. We have the boats and gear to help these people out; we just need more volunteers including more donated gear such as pumps, patch kits and first aid supplies. The Boise River Volunteers also provides opportunities for the disabled to raft the river which becomes a rewarding experience when sharing the fun with people that need a helping hand.

Boise Businesses Helping OutBoise River Volunteers Sponsors

Support our sponsors that help with the costs needed to keep the Boise River a community resource we can all enjoy and be proud of. If you are a person or business who would like to help sponsor our river cleanups, please contact us.

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